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Created for reasonably fit beginners and intermediate yogis, this course builds upon a balance of strength and flexibility. Erica offers modifications for all levels to safely grow in their practice.
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Tired of online yoga "sound bites", short yoga clips designed to promote products, yoga classes that don't really address the needs of each student?  Erica Collins, an advanced Certified ERYT 500 yoga teacher and IAYT certified yoga therapist offers authentic yoga classes and workshops that teach safe modifications for all levels so you can deepen and grow your yoga practice.  My name is Erica and I have been practicing yoga since I was a child.  As a retired dancer my body has sustained several debilitating injuries and yoga became a path towards mind/body/Spirit wellness.  Let me help you with my over 30 YEARS experience teaching students from elite athletes, Olympic gold medalists, A list celebrities and more stay safe and heal as you find balance in body and mind though my yoga programs.  I will teach you all my "bio-hacks" that took me ages to learn and finesse so you can move gracefully in an authentic yoga class that promotes functional movement and wellness. This is the first module of Erica's Vinyasa Yoga series.  

The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.

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Erica Collins

Welcome to Harmony Healing Arts! Where Erica offers her many years and expertise of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Dance, Reiki Therapy and Healing! Erica is often referred to as the "teachers" teacher and customizes her programs for all levels.
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Erica Collins, owner of Harmony Healing Arts is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist thru the prestigious ACHE for over 25 years, a Nationally Certified Yoga Instructor/ERYT500, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, YACEP certified Teacher, retired Dancer and Dance Instructor, Licensed GYROTONIC Method Trainer as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher- 5 removed from Dr. Usui himself!  

She has also worked with "A" list celebrities, world renowned athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, children and those with physical ailments such as MS and chronic pain as well as patients undergoing cancer and HIV treatment. Erica has also had her own TV show called Yoga with Erica! 

Erica Collins from Middletown, Ohio has been teaching dance and yoga to children and adults for over 35 years!!  She’s been responsible for creating specialized dance and yoga wellness programs for children and adults of all ages and abilities; strengthening bodies, improving their knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics, increasing their range of motion, teaching them techniques for injury prevention and using her Clinical Hypnotherapy skills to give children and adults tools to calm their minds and reach their FULL potential.  She’s also been responsible for successfully implementing children’s dance, yoga and mindfulness programs in the studio as well as bringing these classes directly into the schools and now in an upcoming online format.  

As Owner and Director of Harmony Healing Arts, Erica is able her to train clients/students using a mind, body, spirit approach: in teaching success mindset, helping client s be their BEST selves, gaining functional movement, helping students with injuries and injury prevention.  Erica's mission is, "Healing the planet one mind at a time!"   

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